Youth Football Tournament Premieres Thanksgiving in Tuscaloosa

Last day of Registration is Nov. 14th and Nov. 21st is late registration!

(205) 366-0900 - $79 per Night

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You can't eat your turkey without tossing around a pigskin! That's why the West Alabama Youth Football Association (WAYFA) is launching the first ever "Thanksgiving Clash at the Capstone" to premier November 27th and 28th, 2009. Nestled in the heart of SEC football country, Tuscaloosa is an ideal location of such a spectacular sports event starring young football talent.

"The Tuscaloosa Sports Foundation (TSF) is thrilled to be involved with the creation of the 'Thanksgiving Clash at the Capstone' and with the tremendous amount of support already from local businesses, hotels and other organizations, we feel the tournament will be an enormous success right out of the gate," said TSF Executive Director Don Staley. "Historically, these tournaments in other cities have helped generate significant revenue during traditionally down times in the travel and tourism industry; in fact, last year Chattanooga reported its 'Choo Choo Bowl' youth football tournament brought in $500,000 to the local economy. I invision this tournament to be successful even in its first year because of the commitment and passion of the WAYFA organizaiton."

The tournament expects to feature approximately 50 teams between the ages of six and 12. Tuscaloosa County boasts many impressive facilities, five of which will be designated locations for the "Clash" between stellar, up-and-coming athletes.

"The West Alabama Youth Football Association has always been recognized as a strong and competitive youth football league," said WAYFA President Burkles Davis. "In keeping with that tradition, it is fitting that we bring to the Capstone a tournament of outstanding teams from around the southeast. We welcome teams participating and wish each one success as they play at the home where football champions are made."

For more information, please contact Burkles Davis at (205) 750-4734, email him at, or click here for registration forms.